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This is pizza the way it was intended

From its origin in Naples, a centuries old recipe passed down from generation to generation. 

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The Dough

The Dough is where excellent pizza begins and ends. Passed down for over 5 generation, our Dough is made in the traditional Neapolitan way. Consisting of only 4 ingredients (imported flour, imported sea salt, fresh yeast, and water from the Memphis Aquifer) Neapolitan Pizza is defined by its simplicity, but is perfected in its technique and quality of ingredients. Our dough comes together using our Imported mixers designed to replicate kneading the dough by hand. Flavor is further developed during the over 24 hour fermentation, where the dough picks up it’s trademark airiness. Always stretched by hand, to ensure the air remains in the final Crust.

The sauce

Sourced from the valleys near Mount Vesuvius, we use nothing but the finest San Marzano tomatoes. And our sauce is simple. Tomatoes and salt. Never cooked down. Never steeped with heavy amounts of seasoning.

The oven

Our process would not be complete without our special ovens. Much like everything else, they are imported. The heat is strictly generated from wood fire. We source local oak to burn at almost 1000 degrees. This allows every pizza to cook under 90 seconds. That is the way of the original pizza as it was made in Naples. This heat ensures the pizza is cooked thoroughly with a robust flavor that only fire can extract.

The toppings

All of our toppings are either imported from Italy or locally sourced. As much as we pride ourselves on our pizza making process, we equally pride ourselves on sourcing and discovering the finest ingredients to bring to you, so you can be confident that whatever you create will taste great and make you feel great.

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